Skilderkrantz - Nature Reserve and Conservation Initiative
Kouga River just visible in the distance
Skilderkrantz Conservation InitiativeSkilderkrantz Conservation Initiative




 Skilderkrantz, from the old Dutch - Skilder, to paint or depict. Krantz, rocky cliff face.

Refers to the San rock art found in our area.


Kouga River running through Skilderkrantz

Rewilding the Landscape, Rewilding Ourselves

Skilderkrantz is a Conservation, Re-wilding and Nature Connection project in the foothills of the Kouga Mountains in the Eastern Cape. Working to conserve remaining wilderness and biodiversity and repair land and rivers severely degraded by previous framing practices, we delight in re-establishing our connection to wild nature and each other. Skilderkrantz joins the many other imaginal* people and projects across the globe working for sustainability, oneness , wellbeing and beauty for all.

.*The metaphor of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly is compelling and helpful in these troubled times. In the chrysalis stage, the imaginal cells begin to form and are at first rejected or destroyed. Then, they begin to cluster together and when they reach a critical mass of 5% of the whole, they catalyse the transformation of the rest of the cells into a butterfly* This beautiful imagery is borrowed from the Schumacher College website. The College continues to be a huge inspiration to us at Skilderkrantz.

Home is 7500ha ( 16 500 acres) within the planning domain of the Baviaanskloof Megareserve . Skilderkrantz is in the process of being proclaimed as a Contract Nature reserve, the highest category under the Stewardship Program of the East Cape Parks Board. In terms of this agreement the land stays in our ownership, but we conserve biodiversity on behalf of the state. And beyond this footprint we aim to expand the protected area by bringing more marginal farmland into conservation and working with others such as the Eden to Addo initiative linking up protected areas. A school of Nature Connection is planned for the near future.

We invite like-minded and hearted people interested in being part of this work to contact us.

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Rhebuck ewes

Rescued leopard