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Skilderkrantz Valley
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Volunteers: from time to time we are able to welcome kindred spirits to join us living and working at Skilderkrantz. Extremely tight funds do not allow us to offer this experience free at the present time. Terms will depend on the specific skills you can offer and your means. Minimum stay is 2 weeks. Past volunteers have found their time at Skilderkrantz to be quite transformative. Work might include hacking of invasive vegetation and removal of fencing, work on the native fish project, seed collecting, documenting game, helping us with office/admin and keeping an eye out for signs of poaching of game, honeybush tea, cycads, illegal grazing etc.

Tenant Caretakers: We have a vacancy for tenant caretakers for a period of one year. This can be extended by mutual agreement. Accommodation, Eskom and water supplied free in return for light caretaking and game ranging duties. You will need to enjoy solitude and immersion in nature, as Skilderkrantz is relatively isolated and the human community small. We are pleased to say that there is no mobile signal. There is a landline in the office only at the moment.

Skilderkrantz is a no-smoking zone.

Pets continue to have a devastating effect on wildlife on the planet and a huge ecological footprint over and above this. For these reasons pets are generally excluded from Skilderkrantz. Some might see this as an opportunity to open up to the love of ALL nature. Be fish-kissed by the Redfins and see what happens!

Please contact Carol to discuss further.

Seed sorting

Kouga River running through Skilderkrantz

Erica spp

Dodanea spp with bug

Endless hiking opportunities