Skilderkrantz - Private Nature Reserve and Conservation Initiative
Skilderkrantz Waterfall
Skilderkrantz Conservation InitiativeSkilderkrantz Conservation Initiative


Carol Blumenthal: Founder of Skilderkrantz, she is passionate about wild things and wild places. Wishes for a more just and harmonious society in which humanity learns to live with itself and all beings within the means of the planet. Interests include alternatives to the neoliberal economy, food growing and good writing and stories. Sometimes found in the Home Counties reluctantly posing as a veterinarian to obese spaniels while dreaming of leopards padding the wilds of Skilderkrantz.

Hendrik Botha: Right hand man of Skilderkrantz. A wizard with tractors, water pipelines, bees, trees, chainsaws , he can turn his hand to anything really. Often found doggedly tackling the ´┐Żaliens´┐Ż: if not squelching around in the mud in pursuit of the dreaded Bluegills armed with a child's fishnet, then bravely scaling the Blue Mountains chopping out the Hakea invasion.

David Mulvey: A Succulent Plant aficionado, appeared out of the drizzle one morning having spent a wet night under a Cyclops bush. He has kept the home fires burning these past two years. From time to time found calmly looking for some or other document "suddenly" required by the VAT department. Skilderkrantz would not have survived without him.

Rob le Roux: Ever-supportive conservation neighbour sometimes found communing with the buffalo. Recently he rushed to the rescue generously giving of his master- building skills to the construction of the Tafelbergkloof river rehabilitation structure.

Japie Buckle: Ecologist and wetland guru, mastermind of the above-mentioned structure. A supporter who has never lost faith in what we are doing and from the beginning has given generously of his time and expertise.

Joan Berning of Eden to Addo: Fellow moron and wild woman, a font of creative ideas, always inspirational and supportive. Helping with several plots and plans at the moment, not least how to secure the Skilderkrantz lands in perpetuity (if there is such a thing).

Rob Markham of Eden to Addo: A professional conservation person, unlike said wild veterinarian. Has done a lot of patient legwork for Skilderkrantz, liasing with the authorities and translating our garbled vision into maps and reports that normal people have some hope of understanding.

Thanks to all past volunteers and contributors.

Carol Blumenthal
Carol Blumenthal

David Mulvey
David Mulvey

Hendrik Botha
Hendrik in the foreground